English by Videoconference

business english by skype
business english by skype

If you’re searching Learn spoken English Through Skype and dynamic, effective and reasonably priced classes for the employees of your company then Business English by Video Conference is definitely the right choice for you. I offer group classes in your offices with up to 4 students per group.
Your employees and colleagues can start their courses when it best fits into their business schedule, at any time of the year. Business English by Video Conference courses are ideal for marketing staff, receptionists, and managers at every level who need to communicate in English in the workplace and with business partners.

The lessons not only cover pronunciation and vocabulary, but also emphasize the application of English to real business situations and your job using simulations, case studies, and role-plays.
You will work together on shared exercises which will help you to gain confidence and improve clarity.
World-class educational materials by companies such as Pearson Longman, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press are used in all lessons.

This means that you will not only get high quality training in Business English but also excellent up-to-date materials.

Advantages of Business English courses by video conference :

Flexible and convenient
Complete concentration and faster progress
Relevant to your business model
Number of participants : from 2 to 4 (depending on your company’s needs)

Price : €11 per academic hour (45 minutes) per participant