Accent Reduction Course

Learn to speak English with A British RP accent and communicate better on the telephone, in job interviews and in business meetings

We will look at:

* standard British English pronunciation
*sound placement
*word stress
*relationships between words
*clarity in Business English

Take your spoken English to the next level. My accent reduction course will take you there step by step.

Starting with the sounds, then moving on to stress – the things native speakers do naturally. Intonation follows with pitch, rhythm and stress used to show attitude.

This course is ideal for non-native English speakers who would like to improve their English pronunciation and soften their accent either for business or general interest.

There are many accents in the UK. However, the basic core of my lessons cover the essential principles of standard English or Received Pronunciation. Received Pronunciation is called ‘BBC English’ or ‘The Queen’s English’.

Take lessons whenever and wherever suits you via skype.

You’ll need a fast internet connection and a computer or laptop with webcam and microphone. You’ll also need to install the skype program on to your computer to start with the lessons.

You also should ideally be at a C1 level in English though if your level is B2 (Upper Intermediate) it may also be possible to join.

Textbooks and materials provided.

Looking forward to seeing you!

10 lessons of 30 minutes each. Price : $170