Why learn English online?

At Skype English Online all my online English courses are in real time through Skype, so you can take lessons at a time which suits you. This is ideal for anyone with a busy schedule, for those who prefer to learn at home,or for anyone to improve their English.

Learning this way has many advantages over traditional methods, including: the ability to take the lessons when and where it suits you, a greater emphasis on verbal communication, and a greater access to more online resources to aid your learning.

What level of English do I need to start lessons?

To get maximum benefit from your lessons I recommend that you have achieved or are close to achieving pre-intermediate level English.

How much do lessons cost?

Lesson prices start at €16 each.

How do I get Skype?

Skype can be downloaded for free from www.skype.com

What do I need to start lessons with you?

This depends on the type of lessons you want.

1. For Skype or Google Talk lessons you need:

An internet connection

The Skype or Google Talk software

A headset and microphone

2. For phone lessons you need:

A telephone landline

How will lessons benefit me?

As a result of your lessons you will achieve the following benefits.

You will feel more confident and competent when speaking

Your listening skills will improve and you’ll understand more

Your writing will become more accurate, clear and concise

You will become a more fluent English communicator

You will know more real English words and phrases

Your pronunciation and accent will improve

Why should I have lessons with you?

I have 12+ years experience of teaching, coaching, training and personal development. I am a genuine U.K. born native speaker, all lessons are customized to your needs, I use accelerated learning techniques and I make all lessons interesting, motivational and fun.

I care about what I do and I am a friendly, open and approachable person, I support, encourage and motivate my students and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each lesson.

Get your 15 minute English lesson/consultation:
Download Skype and have a microphone (you don’t need a webcam).
Add my Skype ID, englishgalaxy to your list of contacts.

Choose a day and time.

Send me an email or start talking with me in English on Skype.

We will talk about a time to get your 15 minute English lesson with me.