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English is an essential tool for anyone working in an international field.

This course is suitable for all who have a specific interest in law and speak English as a second language; from overseas law students to experienced practicing lawyers.

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The course will not only develop your English language skills within a legal context, but will also prepare you for the Cambridge International Legal English examination. The examination is recognised by the European Company Lawyers Association, the European Law Students’ Association, the International Association of Young Lawyers and the European Young Bar Association.
ILEC is designed to be a challenging test of English for Law. Success in the examination will require a high degree of competence in both general and legal English.

You thus will need to have an advanced competence in English to take this exam (Common European Framework C1). However if you want to simply study LegalEnglish you will need an upper-intermediate level of English (Common European framework B2).

By the end of your course you will feel assured in your capabilities to communicate extensively on the most common and important issues surrounding the legal system.

This course is taught by a qualified British lawyer who has extensive experience in English teaching.

Edward Thompson is a qualified legal English online tutor holding postgraduate law and teaching qualifications in addition to having experience in the design of ELT materials for in-company training courses in St. Petersburg, Russia. He has 5 years’ experience of teaching legal English, including 1 year working as a legal consultant and in-company trainer with high ranking corporate law firms in Seville, Spain, in addition to his experience of working in both contract and tort law in the United Kingdom.

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