Telephone English Courses

telephone english courses on skypeLearn how to communicate effectively on the phone with our Telephone English Courses. We teach special skills & help to face difficulties during calls.

Learning how to communicate effectively on the phone is one of the main priorities of many business people.

Learning some of the most common phrases that are used on the phone helps them know what to expect. However, what non-native speakers of English often need most is practice. While helpful, practicing a role-play in the classroom is not always the best way to improve telephoning skills.

Telephoning requires special skills as there are a number of difficulties that arise during calls. The first and foremost difficulty is not being able to see the person you are communicating with. This lack of visual communication often makes non-native speakers who can communicate quite successfully in other situations, nervous and thereby hinders their communicative abilities.

In this short course we look at a number of ingredients to improve telephoning skills.

You will be given specific telephoning phrases, techniques to improve confidence when telephoning and practice exercises for use with your colleagues or during real calls.

There will also be practice sessions and quizzes for you to check your understanding.

A free book will be provided in pdf format and MP3 recordings of real conversations will be sent to you so you can listen and improve wherever and whenever you have the time.

And remember, practice makes perfect! Ring, ring…

Some of the topics to be covered in my Telephone English Courses :

checking information;
dealing with communication problems;
leaving and taking messages;
making and reacting to proposals;
making appointments and arrangements;
taking part in telephone conferences;
booking arrangements;
handling complaints from customers.

10 lessons of 45 minutes each. Price : €160