Expiry of Class Credits

All classes and packages of 10 hours and less must be taken within 12 calendar months of their date of purchase.

Rescheduling or Cancellation of Classes

A class may be rescheduled or cancelled by writing an email to [email protected] no less than 24 hours before the original class reservation is due to take place. If a class is cancelled less than 24 hours before¬† the original class commencement time then the full class credit is payable and will not be re-credited. If no rescheduling has been made and a student fails to attend the class then that will be deemed as though they have attended and they will be charged for that class.

Class Attendance

I will wait for 10 minutes from the start time of the class and if after 10 minutes the student does not connect to Skype and start the class then I will treat that class as having been taken and no refund will be given for non attendance. When a student starts a class late, the class will still finish at its allotted time, eg. a 45 minute class started 10 minutes late will finish after 35 minutes.

Cancellation by me

Occasionally due to unavoidable circumstances I may have no option but to cancel your class for that day or week. When this happens you will be sent an Email.

You as the Student will not be charged the class credit for the cancelled classes and you are free to re-book your class or classes at a time when I advise you that I can recommence work.

Right to Refuse

I reserve the right to refuse classes to any student for any reason if I feel it necessary.

I will inform the Student that I am unable to offer them classes and I do not require to give them a reason. I will not charge a Student when this happens for any unused classes.

Invoices / Receipts

In the event that any Student would like a receipt or invoice as proof of payment, then they should use the PayPal payment receipt that they will automatically receive directly from PayPal via email after they have made their payment. I do not offer additional invoices other than the PayPal ones.

I reserve the right to amend the above conditions at any time as I may deem necessary.

Photos / logos appearing on the website

All photos and logos appearing on www.skypeenglishonline are registered for commercial use. They have been purchased from www.photodune.net and I have licenses for them. Copying is strictly forbidden without the consent of the copyright owners.